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Ken Clark has over 30 years of experience in the electric industry holding a variety of positions. He started his career with Carolina Power & Light (currently Progress Energy). He has served in many facets of the industry including Transmission/Distribution Lineman, Substation Operator, Relay Technician, and System Load Dispatcher. Ken was a member of the start-up team for the Carolina Power & Light Wholesale Trading Group. Ken left Carolina Power & Light and joined the Exelon Power Team where he served as a Long Term Transactor.

Ken’s experience gives him an overall exposure to the elements of System Operations from many different perspectives. As Substation Operator, he performed routine and emergency switching of the transmission system as directed by the System Load Dispatcher. As Relay Technician, he was responsible for performing testing and maintenance of the protective relays at generation facilities and substations. This required a thorough understanding of generation facilities and substations on the power grid and of how the automated protection schemes and systems operate. Ken’s role as System Load Dispatcher was to monitor operations of the Transmission System and Generation Facilities on a real-time basis. He was responsible for controlling the grid as well as balancing the Generation and Load requirements of the System. He managed the operations of the Hourly Trading Desk while serving in the Carolina Bulk Marketing Group.

Outside of operations, Ken served on a variety of NERC committees including the NERC Control Area Criteria Task Force (CACTF) where he was selected to represent the commercial and financial sides of the industry. Ken also served on the NERC Operating Committee (OC) including the OC Nominating Committee and the OC Executive Committee. Ken earned an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering and he also is certified by NERC with the Reliability Certification.

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